February 15, 2019: We are working on an exciting project that will be unveiled, we hope, around Memorial Day.  And once it is, you'll find the details as well as interesting content about the history of Marlborough here.

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The numbers below correspond to the markers to be installed around downl

1.  Marlborough’s Carnegie Library  

2.  Celebrating Marlborough’s Finest


3A.  The Meeting House


3B  The Old Common


4.  The Old Common Cemetery


5.  The Locals Beat the Pros

             ‘Duke’ Farrell bio (Wickipedia)

               Marlborough Sports History (Bob Kane slide show)


6. The Praying Indians




7.  The Noble Train of Artillery


8.  The Princess Theatre

Prominent Speakers in Marlborough, many at the old Town Hall:





9.  The Saga of Tory Henry Barnes




10.  The John Brown Bell


11A.  The First Church



11B  Birthplace of Crystal Catherine Eastman




12. The Oulde Burrying Feeled



13.  William Dawes - The Other Rider




14. The East Village


15A.  Samuel Boyd

15b. Boyd & Corey


16A.  The Evolution of Marlborough,

16B.  The Town / City Hall


17.  The Lost Trains of Marlborough


18. The Marlborough Trolley System



19.  The Immigrant Staffing of the Local Shoe Industry


20.  The Great Shoe Strike of 1898


21.  The Parade of Colonial History


22.  The Disasters of Downtown

23.  Overcoming Geography - the Making of Downtown

24.  Artemas Ward Park